You Might Not Like What Is REALLY In Your Dogs Food

By December 1, 2014 Dog Tips One Comment
Dog Food Secrets

Dog Food SecretsPeople think commercial dog food are safe and nutritious especially those packs sold in pet shops and grocery stores. But, have these people wondered what are those instant food made of?

Maybe only a few pet owners have tried doing a research about the benefits of commercial food and still many people do not know that they are just putting the lives of their canine at risk.

It is believed that there are no special farms for pet foods and these commercial dog foods are made of hardly edible ingredients from animal remains like beaks, bones, head, etc. which are used as fertilizers or livestock feeds.

Consumers are unaware of these ingredients since they are not included in the labels so they do not really know what their pets are eating. Many pet owners complain of hair or skin diseases, weak body and short life span of their dogs which is somehow unexplainable by most veterinarians.

The dog food industry will let the consumers believe that these packed dog food from the market are guaranteed healthy and with complete vitamins; the truth is, these food cause illnesses and poor health condition of canines. The ingredients present in every pack could be the human foods that are totally forbidden to animals because of the dangerous and fatal effects.

There are some studies that commercial pet food contain sodium pentobarbital residue, fecal matter, etc. which are definitely harmful for your pets. Most of these dog foods are garbage because it lacks nutrients and cannot defend pets from diseases.

Dog Food SecretsThe book entitled “Dog Food SECRETS” revealed all the studies and researches made about commercial dog diet and the common effects on canine. The book mentioned ways to stop the unhealthy eating habit, get rid of the disgusting ingredients and suggests feeding your pet dogs with the proper food aside from those sold in the market and full of preservatives to keep them healthier.

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One Comment

  • ReviewKid says:

    You made the work very simple by just highlighting those things that should not be included in a dog food…. Thanks



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