Unique Dog Names And How To Avoid Common Names

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Unique Dog Names

Cool DogChoosing a unique dog name is an exciting part after acquiring a pet. It is like creating a great invention or making something impressive. When we say unique, it can be original or slightly weird but we can still use existing names which are not typically used by dogs or not a common choice when it comes to pets.

Have you heard of dog names such as Mahal, Vishesh, Bebe, Ai, Zoe and Philos? These are terms from different languages and absolutely not common names for girl dogs.

Mahal is a Filipino word meaning love. A term of endearment used to persons, animals or even on inanimate objects that are precious.

Vishesh is a Hindu term which means special, it can be used to describe love and affection for important people, pets, events and material things.

Bebe may sound simple and familiar but not for pets. It is a Spanish word and literally means “Baby”. Since some owners like calling their pets “babies”, this one is something obvious yet uncommon and easy to remember.

Ai also means love. It is a Japanese word and pronounced as the letter “I” in the alphabet. This one is unique and at the same time perfect for a dog’s name because it is short and catchy.

Zoe and Philos are both Greek words, Zoe means life while Philos means friend. Zoe is a common human name for both genders although statistics show that more females have this name.

Zoe is pronounced as “zowee” ; it is a cute dog name too plus it is short and makes a sharp sound which catches the attention of dogs and other pets. According to the popular saying, “A Dog is a man’s Best Friend” and there is no explanation needed why Philos or “friend” in English should be a dog’s name.

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  • Selin says:

    Well congrats on a new baby! I can abeloutsly help you with teaching him to stop jumping when saying hello! He sounds like a great dog with just a few bad habits which are easily fixed! Give me a call 613-779-1236 and we can set up a training session when you have time, each session is about an hour and a half for $70 and I am pretty flexible with dates. By the sounds of things I may only need one or two sessions so give me a call so we can set something up! Thank you in advance,Grace



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