Male Dog Names

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Boy Dog Names

Boy Dog NamesChoosing names for the pet can be exciting but it is not easy as what most people imagine. According to some surveys, it is harder to think of male dog names and you have to consider some factors to avoid common or inappropriate names.

It is better to make it short and simple; it could be more convenient for the owner and easier to remember by the puppy. One or Two-Syllable name is enough.

If you choose a longer one, you will end up making it shorter or calling your pet by a nickname because it is definitely more convenient. Some examples of effective and fantastic boy dog names are Rocky, Hunter, Sol, Al or Seth.

Some believe that choosing the right male dog names may depend on the characteristic of the said pet. If it is a huge or tall dog, look for a more manly kind of name like Floyd, Thor, Knight or King but when it is small, silent or skinny you can go for a cuter name such as Lex, Chase or Sly.

Some people use the letters Ch, S, K, C, T and X in naming their dogs because they think dogs can be more attentive when they hear these strong letters since they are sensitive to strong sounds. These are few examples of not so popular yet catchy boy dog names: Sky, Nix, Chop, Boxer, Todd and Juts.

Male dog names should not be weird and complicated.

Think of names that you will not regret choosing and don’t ever think of changing it after some time when you feel like it is not the perfect tag for the pet.

To avoid common and boring names for your pet, never choose a name from a popular movie such as Lassie, Magic, Hachiko or Beethoven because obviously these are overused titles around the world. If you are looking for female dog names, click here!

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