How To Potty Train A Puppy in 7 Easy Steps

By December 1, 2014 Dog Tips 4 Comments
Potty Training Puppy

House training a puppy can be as difficult as training a baby. One of the main tips anyone can use is to be consistent in your training methods.

There are many different methods you can use to train your puppy and some work better for certain pets than others.

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Your puppy is young and is learning every day, so you will have a better chance of them learning faster if you do the same thing every day.

Here are some tips that every pet owner can use to better their success chances at puppy potty training:

1. Start the potty training the first day

Start the potty training the first day you bring the puppy home. Introduce the puppy to their sleeping area and then put them on a leash and take them outside to where you want them going potty.

Let your pet roam and explore all the while saying “Go Potty”. This will begin establishing this phrase as a command word. If he goes in the yard, reward him with praise or a treat, to show him that he has done the right thing.

2. The Secret Is In The Schedule

Dogs are creatures of habit and a schedule will help your puppy develop good housetraining skills faster. When you wake up in the morning, avoid praising or greeting your puppy until he has used the bathroom.

This will develop into a routine for him and once he realizes that he gets a lot of loving attention after he uses the bathroom in the morning, this pattern will stick in his head and he will understand what to do in order to get your praise!

3. Use a command like “Go Potty”

When you start to bring your puppy outside or wherever it is you want him to use the bathroom at, stick to using just one command each time you lead him to the potty area.

For example, I use the words “Go Potty”. After your dog has begun to relieve itself, tell it softly,“Go Potty! Go Potty!” When the dog has completed his business, praise even more, “Good Boy… Go Potty!”

4. Use the same path every single time

Whatever route you take when you leave him from the house to his potty area, use this same path every single time you take him to use the bathroom.

This will help create a pattern so that he understands that it is time to go to the bathroom when you are walking him through the same route.

5. A Dog Crate Makes Housetraining Easy

All dogs are born with the instinct to keep their beds clean. Using a crate as a training tool takes advantage of the puppy’s instinct and helps the puppy develop bowel and bladder control.

The kind of crate to use is a personal preference.  Choose a crate that is big enough for your pup but not big enough for an adult-sized dog.

Make sure your puppy has enough room to lie down, get comfortable and move around, but no more. Remember, the purpose of the crate is to capitalize on your dog’s instinct to keep its bed clean.

6. Be Consistent and Patient

Potty training a puppy is relatively easy with the right amount of persistence and patience. By keeping up with a regular routine of potty training, your puppy should be going in the yard in a matter of weeks.

Dog training is more than an exercise in learning and understanding for a dog.  It is an exercise in learning and understanding for the master, too.

Use a lot of praise and loving caresses when your puppy properly uses the bathroom. You must help him associate housebreaking with a positive experience and showering him with love and affection is the right way to do it.

7. Accidents Happen!

Potty accidents will happen and sometimes they happen because you didn’t stick to the housetraining schedule or weren’t watching your dog close enough.

When an accident happens, handle it carefully. The most important thing with any potty training dog is to have patience.

If you find a pile or puddle in the house with the dog nowhere in sight, do not punish him. After all, urination and defecation are not wrong; your dog must do these things!

Successful housetraining is based on setting the pup up for success by limiting him to the fewest possible accidents, then praising the puppy whenever it has done the right thing.

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  • Josie says:

    Yes, I loved this post, but I’m hoping that you can give me a few more tips on how to train my puppy. she is now 4 mths old; and it was -30 celsius outside when I got her; but she came from down South where there was grass; therefore, the 2 feet of snow and the cold weather were quite a shock to my 5 pound puppy. I’ve had puppies before but never in winter. Even with a jacket she was too cold to potty train outside, so I did the newspaper on the floor which went real well, but now the transition of going outside isn’t going well at all. And her bed was in a playpen just like it was for my older dog; but this one is a jumper so she didn’t stay in the playpen more than a month. Normally, potty training would be done and outside by now, but here we are; she is now 5 mths and I’m a bit worried. Since day one, I’ve been sleeping on the sofa; near the playpen; because I couldn’t bare to sleep in the bedroom since my dog Kellie died; and my other dog Cleo always slept in the Theater Room where I slept after Kellie’s death in January. However, since we got a puppy; I didn’t want to disturb Cleo’s sleep nor my husband’s sleep in the Theater Room; so I’ve been sleeping upstairs in the LR; and that is where the backdoor is for KC to go potty into the backyard, but she will not walk out of the doors; unless I tug her out on the leash or if our dog Cleo goes out first. 1) So what do I do about that. 2) I’ve removed the newspapers on the floor but during the night; I don’t always hear her get up so she pees on my Oak Floors so; now I’ve put back the newspaper at night time. But during the day; I watch her like a hawk, but she stares at me and pees right on the floor; then I got Vertigo for 3 weeks/& flu; so I put the paper back for those 3 weeks; cuz I had to hold on to the walls/kept fainting so…..we lost progress there.
    So, now it’s been 2 weeks; that’ I’ve removed the papers and no progress; she looks at me and pees right in front of the door. (Tonight my husband is going to installed a door stop and we will teach her to hit it; if she wants to go outside ; like he taught Cleo to do cuz she wouldn’t bark and we didn’t her at the door when she wanted to go potty; she is 12 years old and till this day Cleo still hits the door stop to tell us she wants to go potty; and yet when Kellie was alive; Cleo would bark to tell us that Kellie had barked to go out. (quite funny; our poor Kellie died on January 7th at age 14 due to bacteria in the dog food.) And Cleo almost died from same thing, but we managed to saved her; the bacteria almost killed her but it attacked her bladder so was reversible, but our poor beloved Kellie it attacked her Liver and we fought the battle for 11 months; and I fed her with a syringe but in the end she couldn’t even drink so we had to let her go eventhough she still wanted me to throw snow at her, but she lost 7 pounds and could barely stand up. Buying that dog food at Walmart; was a mistake of 5 weeks, but killed our Kellie and our Cleo was near death and we had to go out of town to save her.
    Maybe we got a puppy too soon; my heart is still broken and we had our name on the list but when KC became available months way before I was ready; it affected my way of training her while I am still mourning. (Of course, 2 family members have died in April and one in March and our dear Kellie in January and me getting sick/Vertigo) It was all a bit too much, but we love KC and I need to learn tips to teach her to potty and to stop biting and hopefully stop the barking too, cuz I would like to take her to Nursing Homes like I took my Kellie and still take my Cleo. (Kellie played piano & both Kellie & Cleo played bowling) Thanks hope you can help me cuz I’m getting discouraged ; there is no progress at all; she never ever asks for the door and yet; she barks to come in. She chews everything in sight; climbs on furniture; steal socks out of boots/shoes; rips tissues out of kleenex box etc. She even jumps on the coffee table ; and yet; she is just a pup maybe from hell lol; she is a tiny sheltie but full of hell for sure; but we love her and right now my concern is potty training. Thanks please help me.

  • Sam says:

    My Puppy is 8 months old. It wees inside the home. I feel bad. My parents use stick when it does so. I need my doggy to wee out side the home. Please guide me..I am very embarrassed, I cannot leave him.



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