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My name is David Miller, I’m an entrepreneur and blogger from Los Angeles, California, USA. I’m a dedicated dog owner, pet lover and a proud member of American Kennel Club and The Association of Professional Dog Trainers or APDT for short.

I’m the author of the newly released Big Book Of Dog Names, one of the leading dog names guides on the market today.

I have 2 pets; a Staffordshire bull terrier dog named Billy and a Ferret named Darwin. I’m interested in learning and understanding the behavior of dogs and how to raise them correctly.

As a member of APDT, I would like to give advice, tips and more knowledge about the benefits of having your pet dogs trained by professional trainers. My belief about modifying dog behaviors is not different from other owners and enthusiasts; in fact the way dogs are trained nowadays is the same with the old style of conditioning only new and improved methods are being used.

Dog Name Search is a site especially designed for canine names and important facts. The website consist cool and uncommon names for your pet dog if you are having a hard time thinking of something that fits your pet’s personality.

You can also find useful tips and reminders recommended to first time dog owners who are interested to tame their pets and make them learn tricks easily.

It is necessary for dog owners to learn the techniques and importance of comprehending the behavior of dogs. Like human beings, they have skills and individual talents that must be developed and discovered with the help and support of the owner and a passionate trainer.

Whether you consider your family dogs as homebodies or maybe qualified contestants for shows and competitions, they have the right to be trained, to be taken care of and be named properly just like we give significance to humans.

In this website, you will get the most substantial articles from the smallest details, name lists and tips on how to teach dogs to be calm, obedient and smart.

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Billy Blue

Billy Blue

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My Book

Your dogs name says a lot about them. After searching for almost 2 years all sorts of names, I decided to launch the Big Book of Dog Names.

It`s a FREE guide with more than 1000 names to choose from. You can find the perfect name for your new pup, no matter what their breed.

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Big Book Of Dog names