5 Tips To Effective German Shepherd Training

By December 16, 2014 Dog Tips 2 Comments
German Shepherd

German ShepherdPerhaps you have just got yourself a new German Shepherd puppy. As cute as it is now, it is important to understand that without proper training, a German Shepherd can grow up to become a huge and ferocious dog.

However, with the best training, a German Shepherd can be one of the sweetest beings on earth. German Shepherds are extremely intelligent and easily trainable. When trained well, they are very obedient.

If you are trying to get your puppy trained, here are some tips that you can follow.

1. Find The Right Trainer

The very first step is to find the right trainer who has the experience dealing with large dog breeds such as the German Shepherd.

He should know the proper way to tame a big dog. Getting the wrong trainer can be disastrous. Therefore, it is important for you to spend time conducting some research. After all, you need to know what to look out for and what are the right questions to ask.

There is one site that shows you – using video – exactly how to train a german shepherd or any other dog:

The Online Dog Trainer – Click Here!


2. Start As Soon As Possible

It is said that it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks. However, it is definitely harder to train an older dog compared to a young puppy.

After all, you have probably heard of “old habits die hard”. It is very hard for anyone to change their habits. It is true for human beings. It is true for dogs as well.

Even a delay for a few months can give your puppy the opportunity to pick up a few bad habits. Therefore, it is best to get your puppy trained as soon as possible.

The faster you get it done, the faster you can have a peace of mind.

3. Get Involved Personally

Training your German Shepherd is not just about sending it to a dog training school. You also need to get involved personally. Take the time to bond with your dog.

Owning a dog is just like having kids. You don’t just send your kids to school and hope that the teachers will teach them everything. Proper education starts at home.

The same principle applies when it comes to training your puppy.

4. Be The Alpha Male

In the animal kingdom, there is usually a hierarchy. There will usually be an alpha male who will lead the herd. This is probably true even in the human world. Everyone will listen to and obey the alpha male.

If you want your puppy to be obedient to you, you need to establish yourself as the alpha male.

This can be easily done by following a few best practices. For example, when walking your dog, always be the one in front. You need to lead your dog, not the other way round.

The best time to establish yourself as the alpha male is when your dog is still young. In other words, you want to do it as soon as possible.

5. Keep The Training Sessions Short

If you are training your puppy at home, be sure to keep each session short, preferably no more than 20 minutes.

After all, they are still young and have a very short attention span. It is just like a human baby.  You can’t really keep a baby’s attention for long.

With proper training, your German Shepherd puppy will soon become the perfect companion for you, bringing joy to you every single day.

If you want to understand more about this topic or see the videos that explain everything then simply take a look at The Online Dog Trainer:

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